GOOD TROUBLE is all about good music! 

We're a fun party band covering over five decades of lively and energetic classic rock. You know, the good stuff!  We play lots of your favorites...with a focus on tunes that are NOT played to death by every band out there. Our playlist ranges from the Stray Cats to Van Halen; Creedence to Queen; Beatles to Motown; Stones to Social Distortion (along with a few rocked-up "oldies") and people always have a great time. We love to play, we love to entertain, and we'll keep it going! 

Available for parties, festivals, club dates, fairs, weddings, events, and anything else you might want to rock... 

Good Trouble is...


Lead vocals, Bass guitar

Pete Jordan did his musical growing up writing and playing all original material in NYC rock bands, most notably Zoa’s Arc and RPM Theatre.  In CT, he played with Caribou Gone and The Hollister Thompson Band, releasing an album with each. Pete played drums for The Metroes, trombone with The Glen Rock Pops, and viola with The Livingston Symphony Orchestra.  A “sometimes” piano player, he aims for the styles of Billy Joel and Elton John. Pete admits to a secret love for Big Band music (Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, etc.) but his top rock influences are The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, and (early) Van Halen. 


Guitar, vocals

Frankie Jac (Frank Jacovino) picked up a guitar at age 14 and has been rocking people’s socks off ever since. As Good Trouble’s very own guitar god, Frankie definitely has his own fabulous style – but he also keeps the spirits of all the “late greats” (like SRV and EVH) very much alive.  Prior to Good Trouble, Frankie played 70’s rock with Pleazer, 80’s rock with Sinner, and alternative rock with U4X. He cites Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Carlos Santana, and of course Eddie Van Halen as major influences.


Drums/Percussion, vocals

Mike Cyr easily rivals the Muppets’ Animal behind the drums… but he somehow manages to keep the rest of Good Trouble on the leash!  Mike hit the stage at age 16, playing 70’s rock with Golden Stash, classic rock with Alexander Drive, Flamboyance, and Magnum; and original rock with Songster.  He also indulged his inner Ringo with the Beatles tribute band Great Britain. Some of Mike’s influences were Tommy Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas), Grand Funk Railroad, Judas Priest, Kansas, Santana, and Pat Travers, to name a few.